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As we become more aware of what we put into our bodies,

it only makes sense that we would start taking care of our little furry friends just the same way.
And like us, the fewer ingredients there are in our food the better it is for you.
Our goal is to keep our treats and doggy desserts as simple as possible, using the freshest veggies like Carrots and Pumpkin that are loaded with soluble fiber & are also low in calorie. We add yummy Fruits like Blueberries and bananas, which add their natural sweetness without adding any of the processed sweeteners.
We also understand that not every dog is able to enjoy store bought treats, sometimes due to strict diets in over weight pets and Dogs that have developed skin allergies to specific ingredients. This is why we want cater to those special needs and create fun, healthy and enjoyable treats for those who are usually left out or limited in treat selections.
When you become our monthly treat member you will get to choose from our delicious menu options, From Biscuits to frozen pupsicle desserts, everything is made fresh and delivered right to your door.

(for those who have allergies or strict diets please email us about your special needs so we can work together in creating something delicious that is sure to make your best friend happy and healthy.)

Dessert & Treat Menu